Introducing the ScoopFree® Clumping Self-Cleaning Litter Box

ScoopFree Clumping Automatic Litter Box lets you use your cat’s favourite litter. That means no mess, no smell and no hassle.

Never scoop litter again.

Your days of scooping are over with our newest litter box innovation! ScoopFree® Clumping automatically rakes clumps out of sight and out of mind so you and your cat can enjoy more time together in a fresher-smelling home.

Uses your favourite litter

Unlocks the ScoopFree self-cleaning technology without having to change your cats favourite litter.

Superior odour control

Sick of smelling the litter box? ScoopFree® Clumping locks away clumps in a covered waste bin to trap odours.

Great for multiple cats

Clearing away clumps after every use, this box is built to handle daily visits from the whole feline family!

"This completely changed my life"

Krystyna |

I recommend anyone looking for a great ScoopFree® litter box get this one!!!

Nikkie |

Having this automatic litter box has been a dream.

Marinah |